Back in the Day


On this page we want to display pictures of members when they were young in their school rugby kit, any team photos you have please scan and send them to us so that we can get this page up and running.

Class of 79 (Middlesex Sevens Winners)

Class of 1990-91

1st team

CLASS '93 Under 13s
Under 13s

CLASS '96 Under 14s
Under 14s

Class '92 Rosslyn Park runners up.

Rossyln Park Sevens 


Richmond 7's

1999-2000 First XV Team

                                                 S.Adam  J.Beattie  A.Winiecki  D.Chambers  J.Haston  A Pitters
            Mr W.Voice (Asst Coach)  J.McNally  J.Lee  W.Rayment  J.Kearns  D.Lynch  P.Enright  Mr M.Knights (Coach)
                             T.James  J.Kennedy  S.Codrington  P.Moloney (Cpt)  L.Engmann  W.Lunn  P.Quinn
                                                                              C.Hallisey  J.Codrington

Middlesex 7s Winners

2000-2001 First XV Team

  M.Wright  O.Tommy  P.Enright  A.Scarman  A.Winiecki  J.Haston  C.Moffatt  M.McGarty  C.Allum  O.Van den Putte
Mr M.Knights (Coach)                                                                                                                                    Mr D.Little (Asst Coach)
    C.Hallisey  C.Fairley  D.Hester  N.Corcoran  D.Lynch (Cpt)  J.Codrington  M.Treacy  P.Quinn  H.Lindsey-Bethune
         S.O'Donnell  N.Robinson  T.Ruszkowski                                                            J.Fiori  J.Maddalena  N.Katsouris

2004-05 First XV Team Photo at Perivale

2004-05 First XV Photo taken October 2004 at Perivale

1st XV Record:
Played: 23        Won: 17        Drawn: 2        Lost: 4

2004-05 First XV on tour in France October 2004

2004-05 First XV France Tour

Left to Right: John Cann (capt, 05), Adam Smith (05), Jack Rands (06), Nick Hallisey (05), JR Mack (05),
Hugo Ellis (06), Joe Simpson (06), Matt Conlon-Perry (06), Myles Stringer (06), Peter Lunn (05),
Matt Naylor (05), Dave Haston (06), Tim Maynard (06), Edd Conway (05), Peter Nathan (05)

2006-07 First XV Team Photo at Perivale

2006-07 First XV Photo at Perivale

1st XV Record:
Played: 24        Won: 21        Drawn: 1        Lost: 2

Esher Festival - President's Cup - Winners - 2-Sep-07

2007-08 First XV Team Photo at Castlecroft

2007-08 First XV photo at Castlecroft

1st XV Record:
Played: 23        Won: 22        Drawn: 0        Lost: 1