Old Priorian Rugby Football Club Saints (2XV) squad

Saints (2XV)

Team Manager : Luke 'The Hitman' Engmann

ladies man



Captain : Joe Gleeson

Centre, Full back or fly half. Left in 04' after joining the senior school in 97'. They call me the bri man. Used to love pies but now only have eyes for Mrs. Hanke. She's the best part of my healthy new diet.

Physio : Bastian Buerger

Physio for the 2nds.
Aaron Briggs
I play prop- the pace man of the group really. left in 09 and eager to play wenever possible
John Campbell
Prop, winger
Matthew Conlon-Perry
prop forward, tight head.
Matt Davis Goldsworthy
Backrow, coming back to OPs after nearly a season off due to a lower back injury.

Even at training it's clear Matt's raring to go and keen to stake a place for himself in the Twisters.

And judging by his profile pic, he is one cool cat!
Charlie de la Haye
Wing, full-back, or front row for the sheer comedy
Matthew Dever
i love lamp
Matthew Doyle
Matthew "Doyley" Doyle was always destined for greatness. Subjectively, he would argue this was achieved when playing for the U11's at the tender age of 9, however the more objective commentators at the Club claim they are still awaiting even the slightest glimpse.

Age - irrelevant.

Position - subject to change

Height - above average

Weight - below average

Signature Move - The Windmill

Most likely to be heard saying - "Miss one"

Least likely to be heard saying - "See you at training"

Strengths - Unknown

Weaknesses - Many

Awards: Greatest Unfulfilled Potential 1992 - 2012; Most Honest Face 2009 - 2010; Misplaced Trust Award 2010 - 2011.
John Gleeson

I left Bennies in 2007 as a legend and I still am. The majority of the lads call me ‘Big Gleese’. This isn’t because I’m physically large but it’s for my outrageous banter, drinking capacity, larger than life personality, tallywhacker and the fact that I don’t need to sleep with a diaper like my older brother.

I don’t care much for Rugby but I do love a lash up with the boys so I put my body on the line when I’m called upon just to scrape in on the socials. I generally play at Hooker but I would love opportunity to try my skills out in the backs. I come down to support the team whenever I can but that's just to get my hands on a free meal ticket because Hank’s filthy, Polish sisters cook an outstanding (if a little oily) Pasta Bake…

Phil Harvey
Very old prop!
Ben Hor@n
"Ben Hor@n doesn't go hunting, as that presupposes the possibility of failure. Ben Hor@n goes KILLING."

An impact player for 80 minutes, Hor@n is deservedly considered by many OP pundits to be the complete second-row package. Never happier than when dancing the Five-point-fandango over the opposition's line, or securing turnover against impossible odds, Hor@n can always be found in the thick of the action. Friends and opponents alike are wont to refer to the 6' 5" powerhouse as the "Second Row Sasquatch," the "Mauling Marauder," the "Lineout Leviathan," the "Priorians Punisher," or simply the "Master of Disaster". His legion of female admirers however are more likely to refer to the Ickenham based hard man as the "Line-out Love Machine" or the "Lascivious Lock". Known as much for his off-field antics as his devastating forward play, Ben can always be found at the heart of any changing room banter or shenanigans, and is renowned for his ability to quoff prodigious quantities of throat oil in local hostelries with the chaps on club socials. All-in-all this dashing cavalier of the game is definitely one to watch, and an OP through and through. - E.C.

Best Dressed Player 2008-9, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12
Alexander Kurobasa
President of Royal Holloway Uni RFC 13/14 and Student.
Damian Langley
Back row, early 30s, GSOH. 

Currently co-habiting with OP fellow legend James Duggan.

Big fan of the grimly realistic work of Simon David.
Matthew Lee-Monteiro
DOB: 08/04/88

Front row 1/2 preferred 2.
Alexander Macdonald
Raised in Cape Town, I was born at a very young age. After finishing studies in the dreary Cape I moved across to this tropical island paradise. I have been studying and playing rugby at university for the past two years. I now look forward to starting real life in the capital.  
Mark Machado

Like most front row, I reckon I can play anywhere, however this rarely if ever happens....

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John-Ross Mack
Play 9 / 2 / or 1.

British Citizen.

Nowhere near as hard as I look in this photo - I'm a big softie really.
Simon March
Play 9,10,15
James Marshall
Phenomenal athlete/easy on the eyes
Frank Moloney
Wing/Centre and Fullback
Iain Murray
New to the club for 2015, playing again after several years away from the sport
Chris Norman
Played through school and Cardiff Uni 1st on the wing and centre.

Have been playing sporadically over the last few years but now keen to play full time again.
Hamish Orr Ewing
Wing, Full back, Centre

After betraying the club several times to play in France and glamorous Basingstoke. I am back.
Jack Oubridge
Went to St. Benedicts last academic year, am now playing rugby for my university, Oxford Brookes as the captain of the second team. Played in the first fifteen for 2 years before leaving. Normally a centre, prefer twelve but very comfortably playing at thirteen, as a winger or a fullback or fly half in my least comfortable positions. Always willing to play home and away available this weekend until the 26th of January. 
Charles Porter-Thaw
Studying Economics Bsc at Royal Holloway, University of London, but live in Cambridge outside of term time. I play at fly-half but can be used as a full-back or centre
James Prentice
left st benedicts in upper sixth in 2007. currently at royal holloway university. playing uni rugby at the moment. wanting to play for old priorian.
Abraham Rassam
left benedict's 08, natural back row currently playing in the centre. imagine a mix between pier spies and conrad smith.
Adam Smith
Orson Stadler
I left St. Benedict's in 2008 having played in the backrow for the 2nd XV.
I attended Exeter University where I played Rugby League.
Charlie Stringer
Born Charles but generally refer to myself as Charlie - it's more laid back and I like to think it makes me more approachable. 

I have been assured i'm a late developer - so you'll better watch out, one day I shall have my revenge for the countless humiliations I have suffered.
Myles Stringer
Left St. Benedicts in 2006. Finally moved back into the back row after many years messing around in the backs. Elite Sports Developer with MST - Myles Stringer Training

Fred Tucker
i was a student as st benedicts  
i play scrum half 
i am 18 years old 
Samuel Vale
Recently finished my career at St Benedict’s playing for the 1st XV and got to the quarter final of the daily mail cup. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself through out my Benedict’s experience and most of that is due to my rugby experience and I would love to carry it on!!
Phillipp Verevkin
Old boy -2010. Russian master of disaster!
Michael Wade
Wade Mk II.

Stronger, quicker, more intelligent, better looking and generally better put together than Mk I.

Looking to commit to a solid season with OPs.
Tom Wade
Going into my last year at Leeds University. Play at 10/Centre.
Neil Walker
Interested in doing pre-season and seeing how things go. Played rugby previously before injury to my shoulder. Thought I would see how it went during pre-season and then see what happens.
Alex Wightman
Single male seeking female companionship. I’m a very good looking young man who loves to take long walks, beat up ninjas, test the acidity of fox urine and cosy winter nights by the fire. Really like a woman with a pickup truck. A candlelight dinner prepared by none other than Mrs. Gleeson will have me wet with desire whilst she is wearing only what nature gave her. Rub me the right way and watch me respond. An outstanding flanker who taught Neil Back everything he knows.
Performance history