Old Priorian Rugby Football Club THE LEGENDS squad

In 2008, a crack commando unit was sent back to the ground where they developed their talents by the OPRFC founding committee for reasons even they cant remember. These men promptly escaped from the fields of perivale back to their families. Today, still wanted by the OPRFC they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The LEGENDS

Captain : Colin Stokes

Vice Captain : Luke 'The Hitman' Engmann

ladies man

Manager : Nicholas Farren

Left St. Benedicts in '99 played for Ealing for 5 years after univeristy, before having a season at imperial medics last season. Reforming the OPs with Colin Stokes after agreeing it very drunk on a stag do.... Unfit and pretty injury prone i feel a place in the club house is calling...




Water boy : Danny Farren

Huw "one punch" Jones
Just starting playing again after 12 years of inactivity. Previously played for Pontypool RFC in the Welsh Premier Division. Estate Agent in Paddington. Married with two kids.
Bola Femi Adewale
Form is temporary. Class is permanent. Fitness is optional.
Rasheed Alawiye
' not as quick as I used to be ........'
Chris Allum
Play hooker/back row.
You'll never see a better sidestep in the front row. Apart from my brother, and matt champs, and maybe Keith Wood.
Ryan Ashlee
naturally a tighthead prop, but can play anywhere in the front row when called upon. This is his forth season for the old priorians and thirteenth playing for a st. benedicts based side.
Andrew Benjamin
I love beer. 
Schalk Blom
15 all the way!!! Only South African at the club!
Declan Cronin
I'm Grrrreat!
James Duggan
1997 Old Boy. Following a prolonged & revitalizing period in the rugby wilderness / pie shop I felt the need to put down that pie & pick up the boots again. I would rather play back row - but unfortunately due to being genetically inflicted with extreme medium pace I will probably end up in the 2nd row.
Stephen Finnegan
Getting old and fat and would quite fancy a couple of run outs in the back row somewhere
Phil Harvey
Very old prop!
Rob Haxby
Centre 12, 13
Eugene Hickey
Preferably wing or full back, but has been known to pop up in the centres from time to time. Doesn't mind filling in at second row either against pony oppostion.
Philip Hopley
Left in '84 and had a great crack playing OP rugby for a few years. Delighted to see the relaunch and hope to play while I still can.
Marc Hughes
Left Benedicts in 1992.
Play anywhere in backrow
Damian Langley
Back row, early 30s, GSOH. 

Currently co-habiting with OP fellow legend James Duggan.

Big fan of the grimly realistic work of Simon David.
Toby Lockerbie
Once upon a time I was a wing/fullback
Ricky Martin
former aussie rules player.
Tim Maynard
Been playing backrow mainly for University but played second row for School. Just finished my English Lit. degree at Manchester University.
Paul Molony
Flanker, left school in 2000, Mostly play rugby for the showers afterwards, love getting soaped up with the lads.
Gavin O'Connell
The more athletic of the O'Connell brothers; a bit like Carlos Spencer, only less pace and skill
Will Rowan
Another of the incredibly talented Locks which OPs seems to specialise in producing. Will is in many ways the 'thinking man's' second row, and is as likely to be found with his nose in a copy of Voltaire's Candide as humiliating opponents with his airborne dexterity in line-outs, or making game changing breaks at key moments in the face of apparently overwhelming opposition.

Currently taking an Open University course in Esperanto - "kaj kial ne?"
John Treacy
Performance history